K Pop Horror

The other night while having a That’s 70’s Show high coffee table style discussion with my boyfriend, big bro, and sissy, we stumbled upon the Gangnum Style phenomenon. I had no idea that PSY wasn’t shit in South Korea. (SMH America is constantly making all these talentless fucks rich.) Apparently K Pop fans are not as kind. They will literally skin you alive if you suck. And that’s how I ended up watching White: The Melody of the Curse (2011) on Netflix.

Struggling girl group “Pink Dolls” have been moved to a new studio by their management in the hopes that they can record and  practice a successful single that will catapult them as mainstream artists. But the right sound and dance moves isn’t the only thing holding them back. Like all girl groups, there is high tension, rivalry, and jealousy. Je-ni is a singer who’s insecure with hitting her high notes. Ah-Rang is a singer addicted to make-up. Shin-Ji can’t sing at all, but is an excellent dancer. Eun-Ju is the grandma of the group and a former backup dancer who is constantly bullied by the younger three.

Eun-Ju finds a vhs tape hidden in the studio entitled “White” which turns out to be an old unreleased music video with the right choreography and catchy lyrics that might be just what the Pink Dolls need. No one knows who wrote or performed the song so copyright laws are completely ignored and management gives the okay for the Pink Dolls to deconstruct the video for their next performance. Naturally, after performing White the group becomes an overnight sensation.

Now that they’re big shit now, each of the members all become hungry to be pushed forward as lead in the group. However, with the success of White, follows a curse. Whoever is picked as the lead barely survives some fucked up freak accident. (i.g. While recording, Je-ni is still stuggling with her high notes and is mysteriously hung by the mic in a locked studio by herself.) What’s even better is after each girl goes to the hospital in critical condition, their manager is trying to cover it up with some BS exhaustion or dyhydration excuse. LOL. It’s great.

I actually really liked it. That’s why I don’t wanna go any further and spoil it because I want you guys to watch. The pace is very different in the beginning, you almost forget it’s a horror but I think the movie is what The Grudge should’ve been like. And the song is so fucking catchy. Like Korean Party In The USA. Here’s the YouTube link, so you too can dance to this song in your nightmares. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWJ96I0v43c)


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