Movie Pick Me Up

Every once in while, we have one of those days when we have no problem with being held hostage by our mattresses and wanting to die. For me, that means it’s time for Chipotle and shuffle through my ‘100 movies that will save your life Ashley’ stash.

Today’s choice: Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

You’ve probably never watched it and/or you’re suddenly rethinking my spectacular judgement, but I love this fucking movie. Kat Dennings would play me in my teenage years if my life was ever made into a biopic. (I’m sure they could make her black.) And I just want Michael Cera to be my friend. The soundtrack is also really good and I’m not even a huge fan of indie rock.

The movie is a one night adventure of Norah, Nick and his awesome gay band mates trying to find Norah’s drunken friend Caroline and find the secret concert for everybody’s favorite band Where’s Fluffy? Throw in Nick’s tormenting ex and stops in NYC’s coolest little lounges, and you’ve got yourself a smile for 85 minutes. I watched it back to back today and now I can finally get up and take a shower. Enjoy and feel better!

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist


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