500 Great Books by Women by Erica Beurmeister, Jesse Larsen, and Holly Smith

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Title: 500 Great Books by Women
Authors: Erica Bauermeister, Jesse Larsen, Holly Smith
Published: 1994
Genre: Reference
Pages: 387
Rating: ***
500 great books by womenHere is an articulate guide to more than 500 books written by women, a unique resource that allows readers the joy of discovering new authors as well as revisiting familiar favorites. Organized by such themes as Art, Choices, Families, Growing Old, Growing Up, Places and Homes, Power, and Work, this reference book presents classic and contemporary works, from Lady Nijo’s thirteenth-century Japanese court diaries to books by authors including Toni Morrison, Alice Hoffman, Nadine Gordimer, and Isabel Allende. With annotated entries that capture the flavor of each book and seven cross-referenced indexes, 500 Great Books by Women is a one-of-a-kind guide for all reference readers and book lovers that celebrates and recommends some of the very best writings by women. (from the back cover)
Thoughts: As this is a reference book…

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