Characters You Wish Would Die

Along with characters that carry the show, there are the ones you wish would just die already. Agree or disagree. I feel like these shows would be better off without them.


-A (Pretty Little Liars)

Yes, I know that the show would be over if we found out who she actually was and killed her, and that’s exactly what I want. My God. I can’t take it aymore. I need to know. They ended the season trying to make us believe that “Red Coat”/ “A”  is in fact Alison. I wanna know how they’re gonna convince me that a teenage girl faked her own death with a matching DNA corpse, let alone all the other impossible shit A be doing (stealing bodies from the morgue, removing sunken cars from the bottom of the lake, blackmailing just about everyone, killing people). Sigh. Anyway…


Walter White (Breaking Bad)

Who says you can’t hate the star of the show? I used to like Walt during season 1. I felt bad for him. He had a shitty life and it just kept getting worse. He started cooking meth to give his family stability after he died. I get it. But as I mentioned before that pompous attitude of his gets overbearing. He wants all the praise of being the best cook/genius but doesn’t wanna get caught. He tries so hard to be about that life but it’s so obviously forced. Also, I despise his skinhead baldy.


Skylar White (Breaking Bad)

I couldn’t forget Walter’s better half. I don’t have much to say about Skylar other than she’s the top 5 most annoying wives in the history of television drama. If she’s the prime example of what lower middle class housewives are like then I need to stay clear of that part of the country. I don’t wanna turn into a complete cu—bitch. And she was acting like this way before Walt started being a complete dickhead so I’m not even gonna give her that. If she isn’t killed, I wish she would divorce Walt, take half his drug money (that she can frame him for if he denies) and move to the south of France. Start a new life girl. Take the stick out of your ass.


T-Dog (The Walking Dead)

HA! He’s already dead. And he should be for giving himself a fuckass tag name like T-Dog.

That’s it. I need to start watching more shows. =/