Can’t make it to Coachella this year?

YouTube has blessed those of us unable to attend Coachella this year with a live stream!!!


Get your fill (tomorrow) April 12th through April 14th! Live Stream starts at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST!



Nicki Minaj: Hip Pop Moments 4 Life – Isoul Harris

I didn’t write this up yesterday, even though the book went on sale via Amazon on 4/1 simply to avoid the mistake of it potentially being an April Fools Joke but Nicki Minaj is just that type of hustler. Of course she has a book out but thankfully it’s written by the UPTOWN Magazine Editor -In-Chief Isoul Harris. Harris’ unique way of telling stories just might make this an interesting book that does well on the NY Times List but I still feel over saturated by Nicki Minaj as I have been since before Pink Friday even came out. 

Question is, do you want to read the life story that she’s already told us about in multiple specials, interviews and songs? If so, head over to or to purchase her latest effort. 



SXSW has come majestically swinging around yet another year.

If you didn’t know, SXSW is 2 weeks of an incredible combo of music, film, and technology usually held in Austin, TX. A realm of discovery on many levels, SXSW helps artists and creators grow personally and professionally.

Obviously, the women of TCIR are missing out but we’ll work it out for next year.

SO MANY ARTISTS that I don’t even want to being naming in fear that I may forget some.

THERE are still a couple days left, if you can make one of their 5,000+ events, go for it.

Head over to for the schedule!

Luckily, the good people at Forbes gives us some insight on how to enjoy SXSW from afar! 


Movie Pick Me Up

Every once in while, we have one of those days when we have no problem with being held hostage by our mattresses and wanting to die. For me, that means it’s time for Chipotle and shuffle through my ‘100 movies that will save your life Ashley’ stash.

Today’s choice: Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

You’ve probably never watched it and/or you’re suddenly rethinking my spectacular judgement, but I love this fucking movie. Kat Dennings would play me in my teenage years if my life was ever made into a biopic. (I’m sure they could make her black.) And I just want Michael Cera to be my friend. The soundtrack is also really good and I’m not even a huge fan of indie rock.

The movie is a one night adventure of Norah, Nick and his awesome gay band mates trying to find Norah’s drunken friend Caroline and find the secret concert for everybody’s favorite band Where’s Fluffy? Throw in Nick’s tormenting ex and stops in NYC’s coolest little lounges, and you’ve got yourself a smile for 85 minutes. I watched it back to back today and now I can finally get up and take a shower. Enjoy and feel better!

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

10th Anniversary: Get Rich or Die Tryin’


Hard to believe that a Gospel/R&B/Soul lover like myself used to bump 50 Cent’s, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ as I did when I was a mere 13 year old hood baby. I was singing along to “Many Men” with the gangsters of South Jamaica, Queens as though my 8th grade foes a.k.a wangstas plotted for my pseudo demise.

Where were you in life when Get Rich or Die Tryin‘ dropped? Let us know your favorite tracks off the album below!



I first fell in love with Kevin Michael’s sultry FUNK after hearing his self-titled Debut LP from 2007 (which I still have in my present day rotation).

Since then, he hasn’t been distributing from a major label standpoint BUT he has been delivering quite the bit of sexual, futuristic sounds since!

Here’s his recent project, “B R A I N W A $ H”! Download (name your price) & Give it a listen!

Leave your thoughts on this body of work below!

Anticipating Eargasms in 2013 from…

  • Jessie J – This SUPER vocalist has enlisted Sia & Diane Warren for her Sophomore project set to be released later this year. Sounds like brilliance already…
  • Mali Music- Gospel Beast Mali Music has finally announced Feb. 13th as the day for his OFFICIAL single entitled, “Ready Aim” from his highly anticipated sophomore project (TBA) to drop.
  • Bridget Kelly- Her single “Special Delivery” & “In the Morning” ft. Meek Mill has me wanting more from this Brooklyn-bred talent signed to Roc Nation!
  • Jhene Aiko- Don’t have to say much about this songstress, I am here for her when she decides to release her next body of work & I’m PRAYING that it’s this year because I have worn “Sailing Soul(s) out.

My personal list goes on for decades but I just left you all with a few to dive into (&youtube)!

Who do you want to hear from this year? Leave your most anticipated in the comments below!

More to Come!